Reading Rooms

About 1,500 scholars from over 60 nations come to the Archivio Apostolico Vaticano every year and 4 reading rooms with power sockets for personal computers are at their disposal. One room is set aside for consulting original documents, two are for consulting printed matter and viewing digital reproductions of the documents, and one is for consulting inventories and other research tools.

«Leone XIII» Index Room

The «Leone XIII» Index Rome is the gateway all researchers pass through. It contains the tools used to describe and research the documentary material in the Archivio Apostolico Vaticano , including the «Schedario Garampi» that was the first index made available to scholars in 1881.

«Pio XI» Document Reading Room

The «Pio XI» Reading Room adjoining the Index Room is used to consult material from the archives ordered at the distribution counter.
The room overlooks the hushed and peaceful Cortile della Biblioteca where a refreshment stand can be found.

«Sisto V» Printed Matter Reading Rooms

The «Sisto V» Rooms are accessed by a stair leading from the Leone XIII Room. They contain bibliographical aids essential for researchers, as well as dictionaries, encyclopaedias, journals and monographs on historical, legal and diplomatic matters. Both rooms have reserved areas where the Archives staff can meet scholars and hold meetings.