Association of the American Catholic Entrepreneurs «Legatus»

Since 2001, every year, the International Association of Catholic Entrepreneurs «Legatus», located in Ann Arbor in Michigan (United States) contributes to the achievement of single objectives of the Archives. In the first years, with the contribution of the «Legatus» Association, it has been possible to enhance the digital patrimony of the Archives, in particular with the purchase of machines that digitalize the seals.
This has allowed to put into electronic format about 7,000 seals and build a computerized database made up of cataloguing analytical cards, this allows to search in the single fields of the various elements that form the card.
The cataloguing was carried out by the Keeper of the Seals, with regard to the historical-scientific description, and by Master Restorer of the Seals, for the description of the type of restoration required.
Therefore, the picture (or pictures in case of restoration) and the historical description of every single seal are now stored.
In this period, the Association is contributing to the restoration of most ancient Registri delle Suppliche.