Rules of behaviour COVID 19

1.    Entering the Archives, wear the mask and gloves and keep them on for all the duration of your stay.

2.    Avoid close contact and ensure to keep a minimum interpersonal distance of at least 2 meters. The interpersonal distance must be kept for all the duration of your stay.

3.    Entering the Archives sanitize your hands with the sanitary gel from the dispenser placed at the entrance.

4.    Entering the Archives a thermal imager will detect your body temperature. If the temperature exceeds 37,5°C you will not be allowed to enter the Archives.

5.    Entering the Archives fill the self-certification form for the prevention of the Coronavirus infection.

6.    Using the elevator should be limited, when possible, to persons with physical issues. The elevator must be accessed by one single person at time and for right reasons only.

7.    When accessing to common areas (snack and drink vending machines, smoking areas, locker room, etc) care must be taken in limiting as much as possible the number of simultaneous presences and the time of staying, respecting the interpersonal safety distance of at least 2 meters.

8.    It is recommended, whenever possible, to leave your study position only in case of necessity and to contact the room staff respecting your shift and keeping the safety distance of at least two meters.

9.    In the Study Rooms you are allowed to request up to three archival units per day. The last archival unit should be asked by 11:00. This rule will be valid until further notification.

10.The personal protective equipment (masks and gloves), if necessary, should be thrown in the container provided for «hazardous infectious health waste» placed at the entrance of the Archives.

11.We remind it is forbidden to leave the house for people who tested positive to COVID-19 and we support the strong recommendation not to leave the house and call the medic for people who shows symptoms of respiratory infection or fever.

12.Everyone's cooperation and sense of responsibility are absolutely required to safeguard the indispensable health conditions.


Vatican City, May 26th, 2020